Zeitgeist Shrapnel-Fingers Jewellery 2011

by Mia Straka

"When Fingers began in 1974 we were a group of people making jewellery. Some had more concerns with ideas in their work than others. 'Guaranteed Trash' in 1976 responded to the punk movement of the time. Shows such as 'Worn Out Art' in 1979 included visual artists and Daniel Clasby even wore a smoked fish as a necktie. Theme shows such as 'Bone' and 'Paua Dreams' in the 80's were largely material based however they did reflect the Zeitgeist of the time dealing with Aotearoa and Pacific identity. By 1989 'New Medals' was dealing with political issues.

Since those days some fine contemporary jewellers have graduated from Tertiary Visual Arts courses. I am delighted that the Fingers Shopgirls, all graduates from such courses, are honouring those early shows with 'Zeitgeist Shrapnel' moving on from the old and dealing with ideas from now."

Alan Preston, 2011

'Desert Gold' Necklace 2011, 'Desert Camouflage' army surplus fabric, brass

'Seed'  Necklace 2011, silver electroformed plastic, paint, muka, rubber, dirt, quinoa seeds.

'Time Machine' Necklace  2011, rubber, plastic, polyester thread.

'Super Massive Black Hole' Neckpiece 2011, plastic, rubber, brass, polyester cord.

Zeitgeist Shrapnel (a.k.a. the shopgirl show!) is where we are as makers in this place, at this time, right now, while reflecting on why people made contemporary jewellery when Fingers first opened 37 years ago.
— Mia Straka, Octavia Cook, Philippa Crane, Renee Bevan, 2011

'33.3g' Necklace 2011, rubber, brass, muka, oxidised silver.

'Payload' Pendant 2011, canvas, brass, muka cord, pumice.

The best way to escape a problem is to solve it
— Wah Lee Fortune Cookie 2011