Fine Company at Corban Estate Arts Centre, Auckland

by Mia Straka in , ,

Corban Estate Arts Centre’s exhibition of contemporary jewellers spans all three galleries from 17 April to 17 May. The exhibition Fine company features the work of established makers; Renee Bevan, Joanna Campbell, Octavia Cook, Jane Dodd, Mia Straka and Jasmine Watson. These current day jewel makers approach the history and boundaries of jewellery in different ways to contemporise and acknowledge this art form.

'Straka’s constellation of neckpieces hangs from a rattan basketry cane structure that also references Pacific navigational stick charts. The structure translates as a star map orientated within the gallery to the four cardinal directions in relation to the Southern Cross star formation. Similarly Straka’s neckpieces map and track her research across cultures.' Kathryn Tsui, curator