Model/jewellery 2011

by Mia Straka

Experiments into new materials and surrealist techniques resulting from a week long master-class workshop at RMIT (Melbourne) in February 2011 with acclaimed Dutch jeweller Manon Van Kouswijk.. Shown in the 'Jewellery Box' at Masterworks Gallery March 2011.

Experimental series of 'chains' in PVC, silk cord and polyester thread.

These chains began as a project where I tracked the tar lines mapping the subterranean veins of Melbourne’s CBD, During the workshop in Melbourne the second major earthquake to devastate Christchurch struck, February 11th 2011.

Continuing the material explorations back in New Zealand, I was making these ‘chains’ as news broke of the catastrophic Tsunami in Japan.

It was this point allusions to mourning jewellery, worry beads and collapsing structures began to creep into the work.

Chenier Necklace, PVC, silk cord

Broke Weave Necklace, PVC, silk cord, polyester thread

CC Jet Necklace, PVC, silk cord, polyester thread