Recent work

by Mia Straka in

Interconnected Planetary Heart Strings Talisman draws from research into the language of symbols which resonate across different cultures and time periods. Sacred geometry explores the building blocks of nature using mathematics and form to connect the atomic structure of a single cell in the human body to the greater cosmos.

Papatūānuku Protection Amulet is made from the hardened resin that bleeds from the Kauri Tree, endemic to New Zealand. If a Kauri branch breaks or the bark is damaged the resin bleeds out to seal the wound, protecting the tree. Papatūānuku is the land ­ Earth Mother, from which all life is born and is considered a foundation or the first platform for human action. In Māori tradition, all things are interconnected and we are guardians of the land.

Shifting Solids series is based on my research into sacred geometry. The Ancient Greeks saw great significance in the existence of just five Platonic solids and related them to the four elements (Fire, Earth, Air and Water) believed to make up all matter. Together with the Universe, each was associated with a particular solid.

In our era of the Anthropocene, these works may be seen as talismans, drawing from a time when philosophy and the arts were integral to everyday living and hugely influential to political and scientific thinking.

Cosmic net builds on the interconnected ideology, inspired by the structure of carbon atoms and buckminsterfullerenes. References to weaving also present themselves in these works, revealing my respect for the craft and the practice that surrounds it.