Art Mile- Auckland Art Week 2012

by Mia Straka

Talisman project Installation # 1

This installation is the first in a series of events leading up to a multi-media collaborative exhibition to be launched at Objectspace, Ponsonby Road in June 2014. 'Hanging Object # 1 is the first object made for the project, from black straws and hemp cord. You can wear it if you dare.

'Working mainly in the field of contemporary jeweller my practice to date has been focused on making smaller scale wearable works. I'm interested in how objects may over time be imbued with soul and meaning. These larger scale works continue this line of thought; expanding the scale to alter the object's relationship to the body, playing with space and material.'

Installed in the window of Jamie Boutique, Ponsonby Road (blind closed for documentation).

Shown alongside Hanging Object # 1 is an unnamed construction of concentric circles cut from clear acrylic plastic strung on black elastic. This was made to contain, protect and display the object within while existing as a sculptural form in it's own right.

No One, pendant 2010, oxidised silver, dyed muka.

The object within. Also one of the first visual references for objects to be made in the Talisman Project.