FACE TO FACE - Arthaus Orakei

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curated by Claire Ulenberg - exhibition 26 August - 9 September

'Face to Face' is an exhibition of 4 women artists and their reimagining of the portrait genre. How women see themselves and others is crucial at this time when identity politics are rife and the shrine of the selfie seems a never ending disposable roll of daily imagery on social media. 

As we navigate our way through our individual identity we slide between the blurred boundaries of privacy and the public social arena. 'Face to Face' brings us back to the essence of close interactions between people, the artist, photographer, viewer and participant.


The Talisman Project at Tauranga Art Gallery

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The Talisman Project has been constructed for people to look at, touch, enter, walk through and wear. Exploring the notion of a talisman - an object believed to exercise protective power – the makers aim to investigate themes of containment, protection and restriction.

The project is an ongoing collaboration between jeweller Mia Straka and designer Roger Kelly, which spans art forms and media in a discussion of values and inter-connectivity.

The Talisman Project was conceived by Mia and Roger Kelly to extend shared concerns from within both artists’ individual practices, and to create site specific sculptural works that engage a diverse audience in an interactive experience.

By addressing issues of scale, functionality and the relationship between body and object, the works create an interactive and sensory experience for visitors.  

Recently, Mia has evolved to include large-scale sculptural work, installations and collaborations. The works exhibited here are a series of large-scale sculptures, as well as smaller pieces. 

Finding shared aesthetic, technical, and conceptual interests, Mia and Roger decided in 2011 to collaborate and create a series of large-scale works investigating the power of the object.

The exhibited pieces draw inspiration from traditional ways of making and woven basket forms; alluding to traditional values and what one chooses to contain and carry with them.


Images thanks to Tauranga art Gallery

For more information see http://thetalismanproject.com/

R.A.W. at Gallery One Oh Eight, Ironbank Building, Auckland

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Curated by Jo Mears, R.A.W (reactions after Wunderrûma) exhibits the work of 32 jewellers during a week long programme of events coinciding with the opening of Wunderrûma, an exhibition of contemporary jewellery and taonga curated by Warwick Freeman and Karl Fristch at Auckland Art Gallery. R.A.W presents raw and conceptual works in a range of materials, including pounamu, gold, silver, bunny poo, rubber, timber, soap, fur, plastic, leather, stone, masking tape, rubbish and found flotsam.

'I think that R.A.W. in a way is a reaction to Wunderrûma, but one of the main themes that permeates through the artists works seems to be more a reaction to Aotearoa New Zealand, to kiwiness and to our turangawaewae.'

Jo Mears, Curator.